Jul 24, 2018

ECI invests in Arkessa, a leading IoT managed services provider

ECI has completed a management buyout of Arkessa, a leading Internet-of-Things (“IoT”) managed services provider. Arkessa enables Enterprises to develop and optimise their businesses by helping them adopt, integrate and scale IoT enabled services.

Founded in Cambridge in 2009, Arkessa’s goal is to ‘future proof’ customers’ connections to the IoT. Since pioneering the aggregation of multiple mobile networks and technologies into a single managed service, Arkessa now sells software and services to IoT solution providers around the world.

Led by Andrew Orrock, CEO, John Freeman, CTO, and Phil McDermott, CCO, Arkessa operates in a large and rapidly growing market, driven by increasing penetration of ‘smart’ or connected devices as the falling cost of chipsets and the emergence of soft and embedded SIM technologies make it economically viable to connect more and more applications.

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